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Mira Solano, a trace evidence analyst, finds herself immersed in a writing program that has individuals desperate for approval and a college community with its own idea of ethics…

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After part of the police station explodes, the Commandment Killer has raised the stakes for everybody in Detroit. Tobias Rodriguez, a detective for Detroit Police, finds himself full of doubt as he’s unable to track down the killer who seems to be both taunting and threatening him and his ex-girlfriend, Lauren.

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Teacher Beware immediately draws you in and doesn’t let up. The storyline is very well written and the characters are almost real. I could feel for all of the characters. Their feelings and thoughts are a lot like everyday people and I could really relate to them. Except for the bad guy of course. I highly recommend this book.
5 Star Review

Michelle Westmoreland

This ebook was really a my first foray into straight digital but, since the writing was so easy to read I didn’t have issue with it. As far as the book itself goes, I took a chance with more of a romantic style book but, tried to keep it light; a quick taste perhaps 🙂 and really liked it. It’s not normally my thing and it being a police procedural helped keep my mind off the romantic stuff.
5 Star Review


I enjoyed Do You Want To Play. I like stories that delve into crime scenes and serial killers, and the author did a good job of supplying the background necessary to make the story feel realistic. I also liked that I got to read the POV of both Lauren and Tobias. It makes things more interesting when you can have a glimpse into the mind of more than one character, rather than just following one POV.
5 Star Review